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Land alienated by Indian Security Forces in Mizoram state

C. Lalremruata
Zo Indigenous Forum

Zo indigenous people's lands being occupied by Indian Security Forces from 1966 till now.
1. At Aizawl (capital of Mizoram):
(i) Bawngkawn-lands belonging to 51 families.
(ii) Zemabawk/Thuampui belonging to 45 families.
(iii) Military Hospital area at Zemabawk/Thuampui belonging to 12 families.
(iv) Near M.E.S., Zemabawk belonging to 8 families.
(v) Zemabawk/Falkland belonging to 106 families.

2. at Lunglei District Headquarters.
(i) Pukpui belonging to 234 families.
(ii) Kawmzawl belonging to 10 families.

3. Para Military Forces are also still occupying large plots of lands at Seling, Tlabung and Champhai without any rental.

The rates of rentals per year being paid every 10 years are as follows:-
1. At Aizawl Indian rupees 5/- per Sq. ft
2. At Lunglei Indian rupees 3/- pr Sq. ft
3. Others Indian rupees 1/- per Sq. ft

The rentals are far below the prevailing local market rates and are not agreeable to the land-owners, and hence, this system of Utilization of lands for military purposes is contradictory to Universal Law and is against Human Rights.

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