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Press Release in observance of World Press Freedom Day

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Press Release in observance of World Press Freedom Day
3RD May 2009

In observance of the World Press Freedom Day on this 3rd day of May, 2009, the ZOMI HUMAN RIGHS FOUNDATION acknowledges the immense contribution of the Press for the welfare and general interest of the society within the democratic mainland –India.

Besides, having noticed the restriction, limitation, threat, etc. often faced by the Press from various groups and parties in this part of the country which impede the freedom of the Press to a great extent, the Foundation asserts and highlights to every concerned the Freedom of Press from its Constitutional standpoint along with the Rights, Privileges, Liabilities of the Press conferred by the General Law and their Role to the masses:

Constitutional Standpoint and Freedom of the Press:

(a) In correspond with the Art 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Art 19(1)a & (2) of the Constitution respectively guarantee for the Freedom of speech and expressions, Freedom of Press and everyone can freely express his/her opinion subject to certain limitations in the public interest.
(b) The Press Council Act, 1978 (13) preserves the Freedom of the Press, maintain, improve the standards of newspapers, news agencies, etc. in India and maintain in their independence.

Role of the Press and Importance to the Society:

(a) Press, the Fourth Estate, plays an important, role in strengthening peace and international understanding, educating the spirit of justice, freedom, mutual respect and understanding, providing instant news.
(b) Because of the multi-social, multi-lingual, multi-religious character of the people in India, it is the watchdog of public interest and welfare to hasten the process of social, political, and economic changes and secure people’s participation in the country’s development process.
(c) It acts as a main weapon for publicity and propaganda and therefore facilitates in forming public opinion in general, protect the rights of the common people in particular. Thus, it is the soul of democracy.

Rights Privileges and Liabilities of the Press:

The Rights – to publish, to circulate, not to publish, to information, to comment and criticize on public affairs, to sue for defamation, to sue for passing off, etc. – which the press enjoys under several General Laws or under the Constitutional freedom of expression are applicable to all persons.

The privileges relating to copyright, taxes and fees, postal privileges, evidence Act, 1872, etc. are preserved and maintained.

Special Liabilities conferred by the statute viz., obligation to furnished information, not to disclosed information, and obligations under certain relevant Acts.

Therefore, the Foundation asks each and every individuals, private and public sectors , corporate, institutions, government institutions, etc. to respect, promote, preserve the dignity and worth of the Freedom conferred by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR),Article 18 and Indian Constitution Article 19(1)(a) and the Press Council 1978 (13).

Information and Publicity Department, ZHRF

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