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Climate Change: Scientists, NGOs come together

BANGALORE: Politicians, scientists, academicians and NGO’s have come forward to formulate the Climate Change Action Plan for Karnataka.

The Action plan would focus on initiating research and monitoring activities relevant to the situation in the state, identifying mitigation and adaptation plans, besides seeking financial and technical assistance from the Central government, bilateral and multilateral agencies.“Climate change is a big environmental threat which we are all facing, the action plan will help to address climate change through mitigation and adaptation,” said B K Chandrashekhar, former chairman, Legislative Council and the managing trustee, Environment and Good Governance, an NGO, on Wednesday.Political leaders like Deputy Chairman of the State Planning Board, D H Shankaramurthy, Bangalore North MP D B Chandre Gowda and MLC V R Sudarshan were present on the occasion.“There is no political intention behind formulating this plan and members of all political parties will work together to successfully implement it,” added Chandrashekar.

The proposed action plan is a result of the central government directive to state governments asking them to prepare individual plans in accordance with the states’ requirements.The Central government has already adopted the National Climate Change Action Plan with eight missions aimed at mitigation, adaptation and research.

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