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Climate talks: ‘wrong to blame India for deadlock’

Minister for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh (right) and climate change expert Rajendra Pachauri address a press conference in New York on Monday.

United Nations: Blamed for the deadlock in climate change talks along with China, India has said it will be a “deal-maker” and not a “deal-breaker.”

Ahead of the United Nations climate summit of world leaders on Tuesday, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh told reporters that India would like to be part of a solution to hammer a new global climate pact.

Mr. Ramesh said the present crisis on climate change was the “inability” of the United States to put on the table credible emissions reduction targets for 2020.

“We are not part of the problem but we want to be part of the solution,” he said.

It was wrong to blame India for the deadlock on the global climate change talks. It was prepared to be an “active player in working towards an agreement.”

Asked about India being dubbed unhelpful and stubborn, Mr. Jairam said: “Not at all. I think the world is completely wrong on this. We have got an image that is contrary to what we have been doing. The message that I am trying to convey is that we have not caused the problem of global warming but we want to be part of the solution at Copenhagen. We want to be a deal-maker, not the deal-breaker.”

India’s national climate plan envisaged voluntary mitigation measures by 2020, he said.

Mr. Ramesh and climate change expert Rajendra Pachauri also underlined the need for the U.S. to bring about a “lifestyle change” to combat climate change.

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