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Role of Women in Peace Building in North East India

Mawi Elizabeth

12-18 August, 2009: The workshop- Role of Women in Peace building in North East India, was conducted by Henry Martin Institute, Hyderabad at Siloam;Umsawkwan, Shillong 12-18th August 2009. Altogether 17 women participants from Manipur,Nagaland,Tura (Meghalaya), Karbi Anglong (Assam) and Arunachal Pradesh representing different organizations came together for the workshop. The workshop was facilitated by Poonam, Jalaja, Lem W.Chuanglim, Grace T.Satsang, SumshotKhular and AramPamei on the theme of major issues prevalent in North East India such as;Women initiatives in the regions; Different issues of women problems and challenges; Women Peace Building and Human Rights ; Developmental Issues and Peace. The participants were divided into groups according to their regions and case studies exercises were held. “The role of women in Peace building and Conflict Resolution in African traditional Societies” written by Miriam Agatha Chinwe Nwoye, of Nairobi Kenya was distributed to all followed by a discussion. The participants after discussion of the case study were of the opinion about the importance of the traditional ways of teaching i.e. story telling, songs, and poems in order to bring peace and harmony into our own society.

On the 15th of August, a short programme on the celebration of Indian Independence was observed with the students of Shillong College and the neighbouring children from Umsawkwan. Students and facilitator Ms Sumshot shared their ideas of Independence and the tri colour flag was hoisted by Father George assisted by Mrs. Grace Renghongpi a participant from the workshop. The National
nthem was sung by all and the programme was concluded with the Lord’s Prayer. Cultural night was held with all the participants and there were students from Shillong College who also presented songs and dances.

The workshop was indeed very resourceful and included many learning's; everyone could contribute, participate and know each other and help in the realisation of their potential. Women’s Initiative and participation is indeed necessary for one’s eace in the family, society, nation and the world as a whole. I would like to conclude this report with Ms Sumshot one of the resource person who quoted that - “There can be no peace without ustice, No justice without Human Rights and No Human Rights without Women’s Rights”

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