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Climate change affecting agriculture: UN envoy

Shillong, Oct 15 (PTI)
Chairperson of United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Victoria Tauli Corpuz today expressed serious concern over climate change which was affecting agricultural production.

Addressing a national seminar on 'Innovative Resource: Empowering Rural Livelihood' organised by Synod College here, Corpuz said food security has become a "big issue" due to extremities of climate like droughts and floods.

Because of climate change, drought has affected agriculture and floods have become increasingly unmanageable, she said.

The UN envoy said it was time to cultivate crops which could stand drought conditions or climate change.

Stressing that developing nations need not all the time emulate what the West was doing, Corpuz said they could always "carry on with their indigenous knowledge" in the preservation of ecology.

"Developed nations can assist the developing countries with transfer of technology," she said.

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