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Ukhrul meet against exploitation of NE people

Imphal, November 10 2009:
A public meeting held today at Ukhrul district while strongly condemning the indiscriminate harassing, exploiting and discrimination of the North East women in the strongest term drew the attention of the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohon Singh for stringent measures and Acts to control and prevent future occurrence of such crimes.

The public meeting at Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) Ground, Ukhrul District headquarters was organized by the Tangkhul Civil Organisations and around 10,000 people including a students and women gathered to partivpate in the meeting.

In a memorandum drafted in the meeting and to the DC, Ukhrul for onward submission to the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohon Singh, it was demanded expressed strong concern over the rampant indiscriminate, exploitative, harassment meted out to the North East Women in India.

In the memorandum, several questions were put down on why such incidents are happening every now and then in the mainland India, how the mainland Indians look and perceived the North East Women, is it because of the difference in culture, custom and the way of dress wearing by the NE people specially by the women, Is it because of the difference of diet and eating habits, is it because that we are inferior or weaker or is there something that hinders the unity of the Hindu majority and the tribal vis-a-vis north east women.

Putting down the questions, the meeting observed that if all the above posers are the cause for all the happening it will have a serious consequences on the human right platform and the indigenous people's right on the face of the world in its already tarnished image and status.

The meeting also questioned the motive of the law and justice enforcing authority for their fame excuses every time a case of harassment, exploitation and discrimination were perpetrated to the NE women citing some instants.

Recalling the instant happened at the gateway of India incident last year in which two Tangkhul women were attacked with a knife staying one and seriously injuring the other, the concerned authorities dismissed the case on the ground that the perpetrator of the crime was a "mentally pervert" challenged adult.

In the same manner, in the latest incident of murder of Ramchanphy Hongray of Ukhrul district, the authority claimed the perpetrator, Subha Kumar, an Ph D scholar in top IIT institute as "mentally obsessive in attitude" simply to divert the issue.

Inspite of all such brutality and ghastly-beastly perpetration the lack a daisical attitude of the Union Government is highly questionable, the memorandum to the Prime Minister put down.

President of Tangkhul Sinalong Long (TSL), A S Dinesh said people of the mainland coming to the north eastern state can stayed and lead a happy life here but their men are looking down the people of the region and harassed them.

Leaders at the Centre should know it, he demanded.

"We are not happy with the kind of treatment meted out to us by them," he added asking whether leaders at the Centre do not care about the modesty of women.

President of the Tangkhul Mayer Long Zamyo Varam, people of the region go to Delhi and other places of the country for study purposed but people of other places are coming here for work.

If people entering into the region be checked and efforted to develop the region, the atrocities meted out by them could be save to certain extend, he observed.

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