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Delhi-based Rights group apologises to Mizoram

Aizawl: The Delhi-based Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) has apologised for having circulated a statement that showed Mizoram in poor light. A team of the human rights group led by its director Suhash Chakma met Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla at the latter’s office here on Monday and apologised for the reports on the recent communal conflict between Mizos and Brus following the gunning down of Mizo youth in western Mizoram.

”The ACHR has apologised for the inaccurate reports and agreed to rectify them,” a statement of Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee said here on Monday.

During the meeting, the chief minister related the events of the Mizos-Brus communal strife to the ACHR representatives.

The ACHR is here to look into the ground realities after a communal tension left hundreds of houses of Bru community in western Mizoram torched and an exodus to neighbouring Tripura.

Mr Thanhawla recounted how Mizos had always showed hospitality towards the minority Brus in western Mizoram, that it was always the Bru community that triggered communal tension.

”The recent case too was a result of the brutal murder of a Mizo youth by Bru miscreants who called themselves Bru Revolutionary Union.

Even though the government acted very promptly to prevent any communal tension from flaring up, the irate mobs reached the Bru villages before security forces did, Lal Thanhawla was quoted as saying by the party’s statement.

He also made it very clear that the Mizoram government left no stone unturned to contain the ethnic violence and rehabilitation for the arson victims. He said a road map for the repatriation of Bru refugees from Tripura has been prepared and sanctioned by the Union Home Ministry and it is now on them to accept it and return. (UNI)

Source: Zolengthe

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