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Dimapur, February 21 (MExN): Seven tribal units – Chang, Sangtam, Khaimnuignan, Phom, Konyak, Yimchunger and Ao have resolved to refrain from particip

22 February 2010: The Burmese military regime has setup a medical check point for swine flu (A H1N1) on the Indo-Myanmar border trade no. 2 route for traders as the disease is said to be spreading in Chin state off late.

“The check point is being manned by two nurses, three military personnel and two policemen. They are responsible for checking for signs of swine flu among traders on the Indo-Myanmar border. The medical check point is at the entrance of the border bridge,” said a local in Tiau village.

The disease was detected in Leilet village in Falam township in Chin state on February 5, and was officially announced by the health department of Myanmar.

A source said that about 100 children and adult villagers in Leilet have been ill since last January and all the villagers are very worried about the disease as there is no medicine or a clinic in their village.

Villagers have to travel about eight miles from their village for medical assistance in Tibual village. However there are insufficient medicines in the nearest medical clinic in Tibual. So, sometimes they have to cross the border to the civil hospital in Champhai district of Mizoram, northeast state of India.

Most Chin people suffer from not only diseases but also lack of medical clinics and health workers in Chin state.- Khonumthung News

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