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Seven Naga tribal units to boycott Naga Council

Dimapur, February 21 (MExN): Seven tribal units – Chang, Sangtam, Khaimnuignan, Phom, Konyak, Yimchunger and Ao have resolved to refrain from participating in any activities concerning to Naga Council. The decision was taken after the recent Council’s election, alleging that the election was not conducted as per to the constitution – Article No 7 & 8, adding that the election committee is not empowered to nominate any office bearers.

The tribal units in a joint press release stated that according to the Naga Council’s notification to the election committee on February 1, it states that the election committee was assigned to conduct the election. However, it was also informed to hold on to the norms practiced earlier for “transition” of the new team.

Supporting its stand, the press note cited one of the resolutions, saying that according to resolution 3 (a) of the Naga Council: “One should not be a designated office bearer of any political party to be an office bearer of the Naga Council.” Moreover, it has questioned the election committee’s suggestion, which says: “Therefore, for the brighter future of Naga Council and to serve the Naga public with sincerity, trust and without bias feeling, the election system is to be stopped.”

Therefore, the seven tribal units have demanded the council to rectify on the issue, stating that the election committee changing its “nomenclature to that of selection method” and not as per the election process according to the executive resolution No.4 Dt. 04/02/2010.

Based on the”2/3 majority” claim, they have charged the Council that if 2/3 majority agreed on the resolution then why was the election committee hesitant to face the election process “for which they have been assigned for”. They also went on accusing that why the committee failed to implement the earlier election commission recommendation “Dt 23/01/2005” and “passed the same in the form of Naga Council Executive meeting resolution N03. Dt 21st April 2006”.

Moreover, expressing their resentment, they has accused that the Councillors meeting held at Tourist Lodge on December 3, 2009 was not official but rather an initiative taken by W Mero, Convenor of the election committee. The tribal units have also pointed out, Mero on his “personal capacity” invited well wishers to the said meeting and that there was “no such unanimous vote” but rather a consultative meet, where some of the councilors opined that the new councilors (2010-2014) should decide/implement upon the resolution put forward.

The note further mentioned that as per the clarification issued by the committee on February 18 last, the council invited the Dimapur District GBs’ Association, president of Dimapur Phugi Sumi Hoho and President of Phom Union Dimapur as observers. However, the Phom Union has clarified its stand by issuing a rejoinder on February 21 last. Related to it, the seven tribal units have claimed that the council meeting notice on February 12 last did not mention anything about the observers being invited to the meeting.

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