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North East girl molested in Delhi; man held

New Delhi, March 15, 2010: A North East girl belonging to Mizo community was allegedly molested on Sunday night by a resident of Murnika in south Delhi. However, police said the ‘brave girl’ not only hit back the assaulter but raised an alarm leading to the arrest of the man.

The accused Dhirender Singh (26) was caught and handed over to local police station, North East helpline release said.

Murnika area is known for frequent sexual offenders taking on ’soft targets’ since last year when a 19-years-old Naga girl was murdered on October 25th, 2009.

According to sources the incident happened at around 12:00 midnight. Ms Sonia (name changed) 22-year-old belonging to Hmar (Mizo) tribe of Manipur working in private company went to a bus stand near her house to pick up her younger sister returning from work in Gurgoan.

“As soon as the accused, Dhirender Singh (26) found that she was alone near the lane, he began passing lewd comments. He even physically tried to catch hold off her when she began protesting. The accused, however, did not yield,” said a senior investigating officer.

The accused was in an inebriated condition and she hit him back. This shocked him and he let go off her. The woman then began shouting for help.

“Within 15 minutes, the accused’s neighbours gathered and they beat up the accused. The police was called later and he was handed over to us,” said the police officer.

The police said that the accused has been identified as a waiter in a south Indian restaurant in south Delhi.

A spokesperson for the northeast helpline said that girls from northeast India are still in panic. “Our girls are still treated as soft targets. They are still treated as outsiders. The incident in Munirka has proved that we are still unsafe. Many girls residing in Munirka have personally told me that they are feeling insecure. We are thankful that he was not carrying arms. We now demand more police presence in the area. We will meet senior police officers soon to resolve this matter,” said the spokesperson.

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