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The Zou Tribe Celebrate Zogal Day and Zoton Festivals

Lamka, March 19, 2010: The Zou, one of the recognised scheduled tribes under the constitution of India under the aegis of United Zou Organisation celebrated the Zogal (Zo War – 1917-1919) Day and Zouton (Zou festivity) on the 17th of March 2010 at Zoumunnuam village the outskirts of the Churachandpur town with IPR Minister TN Haokip as its Chief Guest. At least 48 known individuals killed during the Zogal were honoured during the day’s ceremony even as the festivity kicked-off alongside with a roaring traditional dances and songs. The celebration was also attended by the Government’s chief whip Mangibabu and other district officials including the DC of Churachandpur Districts Ms. Jacintha Lazarus, CCPur SDO Ms. Mannuamching, Ex MLA Pu T Gouzadou and SP/CCpur.

Thousands of people come from all UZO 14 Blocks viz. Singngat, Kana, Haopi, Tuning, Behiang, Gunpang, Sugnu, Tuila, Moreg, Kailam, Lentang, Imphal, Lamka and Delhi.

The Chief Guest presented Chief Shawl (Hausa Puonsan) to 109 (One Hundred and Nine) Zou Chiefs on that day.

The Chief Guest TN Haokip in his speech said that The Zou people are peace loving, have no enmity with any tribes or community, they are frank and always strife for the betterment of the community as a whole. The are the tribe who did not fight with their fellow brothers and he further claimed that he is also one of them. He also mentioned that, one day the new and old Kukis would come under a single administrative umbrella inspite of our present conditions. He also coutions that if Singda Dam can dry up, why not Khuga Dam? To prevent this, he requested the people to adstained from cutting trees as well as to plant as much tree as possible. He further highlighted that it is high time to change our means of cultivation. The practice of jhuming cultivation should be changed into some other means of earning livelihood.

The Chief Guest blessed the organising committed with a handsome amount of money and awarded Rs. 500 each to all the cultural group participants.

The Guest of Honour, Shri Mangibabu said, “How beautiful and Charming It was, when the tribals dress in their traditional dresses”. He envied and praised the tribals for their beautiful dances and the way they live in peace and harmony. He also help the organising committee with a handsome amount of Rs. 10000.

The Special Guest, Jacinthan Lazarus IAS, DC/Churachandpur also delivered a very short but challenging speech and and promised to sanction Rs. 6 lakhs from BRGF for the construction of Zogal Hall, which is under construction at Zoveng, CCpur.

Manipur Govt Work Minister, Pu K. Ranjit who was suppose to be the Chief Guest could not attent the function due to official tour in Delhi, but the donated Rs. 1 lakh for the function.

The afternoon session – Public Feasting was one of the grant celebration. Morethan a hundred Chef (Tuonvai) prepared food for the whole participants. Feasting starts from 3pm and lasted till 7pm. Morethan a dozen of cows, goats, fishes and poultry was prepared for the public. It was so amazing, words are not enough to describe how wonderful it was!

Night Session

A look-alike contest of a Thailand celebrity, locally known as ‘Paupu’ whose every single film was comically altered into a Zou language was the biggest attraction in the night’s event that began at 6 pm. The oldies – 60s singers like Pu Jangkholam, Pu Haomang, Pu Dominic Khammeng, Pu Kapkhanthang, Pu Lawrance and the Modern sinders like Bliss Lhingbawi, KS Thang, Ronald Lalpu and many more entertained the function with beautiful and old songs. The Zomi Fins - One of the Oldest Musical band of the Zou people plays a very important roles. Without any preparations, they did all the musics for whosoever presented a special numbers on that night.

One of the other traditional but challenging item was the competition on Gaal Hanla Sah (Worrior Song) presented most by the older people. The participants were mostly morethan 50 years only. This competition inspired the young generations and it reminds us of the Zogal faught by our fathers during the second world war.

The program was concluded with the Zou traditional Dance called Zaangta Laam or Lamtuol kaina where every participants joined their hands in dancing with the same tunes.


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