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Aimol – among world extinct languages

Some languages still spoken in state included among world extinct languages

Imphal, August 03 2010: Some languages presently speaking by scheduled tribes and scheduled caste people in the state of Manipur have been included among the languages as vanished in the World of Endangered Languages (2009) vis-à-vis Census of the UNESCO.

In order to proof that the languages are still speaking by the tribes and castes as their mother tongues, documentations have also been started a team of Centre for Tribal Endanger Language, CIIL led by its chief research person Dr Th Chandramani, an official source said.

The documentation works began from today from the dialect of Aimol tribe which has been included among the list of the extinct languages.

The team went to the Aimol Khullen where Aimol tribes settle at large number.

During the visit at the village, the team leader categorically explained the reason behind their visit to the chiefs of villages and villagers and about the report submitted to the UNESCO wrongly by some vested interest persons.

When the documents to proof the inclusion of the language in the list of extinct languages, president of the Aimol Tribe Union Athoi Bongte said the tribe is settling extending in as many as 15 villages of three districts of the state.

Out of the 15 villages, 11 are in Chandel district, two each in Churachandpur and Senapati district.

They are speaking the Aimol dialect, he said expressing dissatisfied over the inclusion of the language among the vanished language of the world.

The act of the some vested interest persons is amount to discriminating the tribe which is settling in Manipur and Assam.

Even in Manipur the population of the tribe is over 8000, he revealed expressing unhappy while informing that two small villages at the tribe in Assam merging to Hmar tribe.

Interestingly the language which has been listed as extinct one is currently broadcasting in the AIR Imphal’s Chinglongi Seirol, a special programme of different tribes in the state.

Besides this, a researcher of the Manipur University, Dr M Samugou has published a book of the language “Description Grammar of Aimol”.

The Aimol Baptist Association in association with Manipur Baptist Convention is efforting to publish an Aimol version of the New Testament of the Bible.

These living examples have showed that the language still exists and the report submitted to the UNESCO is wronged.

Chairman of the Literary Society of Aimol SL Warte said that on hearing the report of the UNESCO, he feel surprise and shock.

It would have been the handy works of vested interest person or who lack knowledge of the indigenous people of the region.

He further said that Aimol is a tribe settling in the state of Manipur as early as 16 AD.

It has been very clear by the folk song of Manipur existing since the period of King Paikhomba.

They started settling in the present state of Assam after 17 AD, he claimed adding their there were hard evidence to prove it.

Leaders of the Aimol tribe also expressed hope that with the visiting team will do at its best to prove that the language is existed and speaking by the tribe.

Dr Th Chandramani talking to reporters said he has some Aimol friends.

They are still speaking the dialect and he and his team will documented to prove that the language is not vanished.


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  1. With regard to the campaign to save endangered and dying languages, can I point to the contribution, made by the World Esperanto Association, to UNESCO's campaign.

    The commitment was made, by the World Esperanto Association at the United Nations' Geneva HQ in September.

    Your readers may be interested in Professor Piron was a translator with the United Nations in Geneva. Please also see


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