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15th Session of the Human rights Council : NE Intervention

Agenda Item No. 3, General Debate

16 September 2010: Mr. President, I would like to draw the Council attention to the deteriorating human rights abuses of the tribal communities residing in North East India, a region which comprises of 8 States namely - Meghalaya, Assam Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim respectively.

Rights and duties are one of the primary concerns of the human civilization. These are closely connected with liberty, growth, development, dignity, responsibility and welfare of the general community. However, knowledge about human rights is neither popular nor well distributed. As a result, violation of human rights is so common that the purpose of the Universal Declaration of human rights is defeated considerable number of times.

North-East India is the best example of being a slaughter house of human rights. Atrocities on women at home and in workplace, insurgency, problems of drugs, child abuse and flesh trade, extortion, torture and death in custody including custodial rape, aggressive development projects – such as the proposed uranium mining and other extractive industries activities, hydro dams, systematic land grabbing and land alienation of the minority by the dominant people, child labor in dangerous work sites and growth of non-humanitarian values are clear indication of violation of human rights which has seriously disturbed the peace and tranquility of the region.

While, corruption was endemic in various government agencies including the police forces, there was no attempt has been made to combat the problem. The lack of firm accountability permeated the government and security forces, creating an atmosphere in which human rights violations often went unpunished. Although India has numerous laws protecting human rights, enforcement was lax and convictions were rare.

The Government of India over the past has failed to implement the recommendations made by different UN bodies from time to time and this situation requires an immediate intervention from the Human Rights Council.

Therefore we urge the Human Rights Council being the prime body to continue in addressing these issues pertaining to different human rights abuses, to play an effective role and request the Government of India to respect its international obligations under international law and accord fundamental rights to all communities in the region.

Thank you Sir.

By: Dino Dean Gracious Dympep

~ Indigenous Portal

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