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Vuangtu Holy Bible released

Vytu (Vuangtu) Holy Bible for Zyphe people, also known as Zophei people was released in Mizoram, Northeast India and the United States on Saturday, 18th September 2010.

In India, the release function was held at Saiha town in Mizoram, it was simultaneously released in three cities across United States – Indianapolis (Indiana), Dallas (Texas) and Washington D.C.

At Siaha, the function was organised by Zophei Central Literature Committee (ZCLC) and it was held at Pu Zamang House in New Saiha locality.

Speaking at the function, Rev. Ithra Tluma, President of Bible Society of India (BSI), Saiha branch said, “I am truly delighted that the Holy Bible for Vytu (Vuangtu), one of the Mara tribes could be released.”

Cutting the ribbon, he said, “I release the book for the glory of God.”

Now, the five Mara tribes have now two Holy Bible versions one in the common language – Tlosai dialect and another in Vuty (Vuangtu), he further added that it will surely enrich the Mara literature.

Rev. J.R. Buaia said the Bible translation work was sponsored by Wycliffe Bible Translation.

Rev. S.T. Zawsi, Moderator, Evangelical Church of Maraland (ECM) zy, Rev. Dr. M. Zakonia, Moderator-elect zy, Rev. C. Valy, Superintendent of Siaha District UPC(NEI), Rev. K. Ramdinthara, Saiha pastorate, Siata Constituency MDC Pu L. Khaichyu, Vice Chairman, Planning board, Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC).

Elder S. Hrachu, Mara poet and high profile literature prayed to end the first session of the programme.

In the second session, Siata MTP (Mara Thyutlia Py) branch choir presented a very graceful song, so did singer Elice Hniangpari.
In April this year, the New Testament was released first at Siata village in Saiha district. And finally, the complete Bible consisting of 39 Old Testament books and 27 New Testament books in Zyphe language is finally released this time.

According to ethnologue, there are about 20,000 Zyphe (Zophei) speakers, 17,000 in Chin State, Myanmar and about 3000 in two villages of Siata and Iana in Saiha district Mizoram. Due to persecutions, many Zopheis like their other Chin fellows also fled Myanmar and now many are living in United States and other generous countries around the world.

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