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Burmese military increases forces in Indo-Myanmar border areas

20 November 2010 (Khonumthung): The Burmese military junta has reinforced the armed forces on the Indo-Myanmar border area trade no. 2 from 12 November following the alliance by ethnic armed group’s to take on the Burmese Army if it launches offensives against rebels.

“Fighting is going on in other states. Military personnel said that they are not sure that the ethnic armed group the Chin National Front will not attack them in western Burma,” said a source closed to the army.

Following information of rebel movement the border forces have been reinforced from LIB 266, 268, 269 in Chins State and LIB 89 based in Kalemyo.

“Military camps have been located now in Darkhai and Bukphir villages in Chin state. There are about 30 soldiers in each camp, when normally there are only 10 soldiers in each camp. We can see soldiers everywhere in border areas,” said U T K Chhuma, a resident of the border area.

Although military presence has been increased in most of the villages in Chin state, there is no restriction or hardship to the people till date.

“Military personnel are patrolling and are on duty all the time in the Indo-Myanmar border trade no. 2 area,” said U Sungvum from Tiau village.

The Chin National Front in western Burma is part of the alliance with other ethnic armed groups.

– Khonumthung News.

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