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Mizoram second highest in child abuse

Aizawl: Mizoram is the second highest in child abuse cases in India, next only to Assam, according to a recent national survey.

Highlighting this with a note of grave concern, state child welfare committee chairperson Lalengruali Sailo emphasised the need and urgency to tackle this menace with concerted efforts of the public, churches, NGOs and the government in Mizoram.

The CWC chairperson, flanked by other committee members, was speaking to the press here on Friday on the occasion of the World Day against Child Abuse.

Keeping in mind the recent gruesome incidents, where two five-year-old girls were raped and murdered, the child Welfare Committee (CWC) chairperson underscored the need to introduce sex education to children to protect the children against the menace.

Urging the government to put more thrust on child protection, the CWC implored that let the recent two incidents be the eye-opener to the need and urgency protecting the children. Of all the complaints against child abuse the CWC has received since 2005, cases of sexual molestations topped the list, the CWC chairperson said.

There were a number of cases of sexual molestation against boys. A total of 641 complaints on child abuse have been received by Mizoram’s Child Welfare Committee since its inception on September 22, 2005, Lalengruali Sailo said.

CWC, in coordination with the administration and human rights’ bodies, has registered 22 cases of physical abuse and two cases of child labour while there were 18 cases of sexual abuse perpetrated by minors.

Source: Zolengthe

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