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Water scarcity problem in Mizoram

Aizawl | February 12 : Shortage of water has become a reason for a nightmare to hundreds of villagers across Mizoram. The winter indeed is a nightmare for majority of the Mizos as the state experiences water scarcity problem every year. In Aizawl, many localities cannot get water supply every week. The state capital is one of the worst affected places since only one single source of supply caters to about five lakh people. PHE department in the capital informed NNN that it is due to less pumping of water for non-receipt of diesel oil from the supplier. In the meantime, the Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs department asserted that there is no short supply of diesel oil during these days and most of the petrol pumps in the state are having sufficient stock.

Because of the acute shortage of drinking water, people across Mizoram are complaining about the amount of water being reserved for the VIPs---the ministers and high government officials. Some women have to wait till midnight to fetch a pot of water from small water tank made by the villagers. “Due to a long dry season this water tank is also on the verge of drying up. If the concerned authority is not taking measure at the earliest then the households in the state will be without water,” said a young woman who usually goes to fetch water in the night.

Normally during the rainy season the Mizos harvest rain-water by collecting and preserving it in containers locally known as ‘tuizem’. As most of the Mizo villages are situated in hill-tops the collecting of rain-water and preserving it is necessary. This practice of harvesting rain-water has been going on for the past many generations. It is a must-practice for every Mizo household.

~ The Morung Express

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  1. so true!! Azl/Mizoram hmun sang ah hi chuan undergroud water tang chuan tui lak hi harsa a...kan tui hnar ber te chu Lui tui(PHE water supply) leh rain water harvesting hi a ni a.....!! mipui te pawh hian hei ai hian Rain water harvesting hi uar thar leh ta zawk ila, tunah ka lo hmuh ve dan chuan kan tuizem te hi a la te lua deuh in ka hria..Mizoram hian ruah tui a dawng tha em em a...tuizem lian tha tawk tak neih theuh tum ila...inhnuai 1k vel ah mi te luah tir ai chuan..kan inhnuai te hi tuizem atan hmang ta zawk harsatna hi kan sutkian ve ngei chu a rinom.

    chuan..waste water treatment hi..kan sorkar/dept hian a ngaihpoimoh a hun tawh hle..!! tui chhia luang ral mai2 te hi a khawl na hmun Tanky siam ta ila..ti chuan waste water treatment technology hmang in t thianghlim leh ta ila. In atan chuan tlak loh mahse..insuk, thleng sil, ek in tui atan a hmang theih dawn a.

    Rain water harvesting leh waste water treatment te hi tui harsatna sutkian na hmanrua a ni.


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