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Regime change in Burma Recommendation on Common Paper

  • Support Global Arms Embargo against Burma
  • Engage with both Burma Govt. and Aung San Suu Kyi as well as ethnic groups
  • The GOI should allow UNHCR to establish its office in Mizoram or Northeast India
  • Proper impacts assessments should be conducted before implementation of developmental projects in the region in line with Free, Prior and Informed Consent-FPIC (e.g. Kaladan Multi Modal Project)
  • Ensure that any current and future Indian investments in Burma is both fair and responsible, and that there is full local participation in any Indian-supported development projects in Burma
  • To continue its support to the Burmese peoples’ struggle for democracy and human rights in Burma
  • Principle of non-refoulment should be applied
  • Support United Nations call for Commission of Inquiry against Crime Against Humanity in Burma
  • Reconciliation Commission should be formed

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