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Rice production rises by 10% in Mizoram

Aizawl, Feb 27 (PTI): Mizoram Agriculture department today said the production of rice, staple food of the Mizos, went up last year by 4,747 metric tonnes with the percentage of increase from 2010 being 10.05 per cent.

State agriculture department Director Dr C. Lalzarliana said the increase in rice yield was more significant as 3.35 per cent less area was utilised for 'jhumming'/the slash and burn way of destructive shifting cultivation as compared to 2010. Lalzarliana said the rice production during last year was 51,948 metric tonnes as against 47,201 metric tonnes. "The main reason for increase in the yield was introduction of improved 'jhum' cultivation method and also a rise in wet rice cultivation.
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