Two days workshop on India’s Look East Policy neih a ni

Zo Indigenous Forum (ZIF) huaihawtin 20th & 21st November 2012 chhung khan Information & Public Relations Department Conference Hall,Aizawl- ah Two days workshop on India’s Look East Policy neih a ni a.

He hunah hian mithiam hrang hrang thuziak : Look East Policy: Opportunities and Challenges for Mizoram - Dr LH Chhuanawma.  Look East Policy and Mizoram- Economic opportunities - Prof.  Dr. Lianzela. India’s Foreign Policy towards South East Asia – Mr S. Ronghinglova MCS (Retd). Vision 2020 and North East India with special reference to Mizoram - Mr. Lallianchhunga, Mizoram University. Indo-Myanmar Trade Relations - Mr. Lalthlamuana Ralte, Pachhunga University College. Indo-Myanmar Border Trade: A Study of Manipur - Dr.R.K.P.G.Singha, Pachhunga University College te zir ho a ni a, zirlai, chanchibu mi, political party aiawh leh mithahnem ngai ten heng paper te hi zirho in sawihona hlung tak an nei bawk a ni.

He workshop-ah hian thil pawimawh hrang hrang an sawi zingah Look East Policy lo dawngsawng tura mizoramin a dawhthleng kan hun rem a, kan inbuatsaih a ngaih nasat zia uar taka sawi a ni a, Politically, socially leh mentally-a kan inbuatsaih a ngaih thu te, thalai ten khawchhak lam mithiamte elpha tura inzir a ngaih thu te, Mizoram sorkarin hydrocarbon leh Petroleum chungchangah policy neih a ngaih thu te, ramdangmi lo dawndsawn chungchang te leh mau leh mizo thlai kan hralhchhuah ve theih tur chungchang te, Mizoram-a tuikhuah (dam) chungchang, border trade chungchang leh thildang pawimawh hrang hrang te zautaka sawiho a ni a.

Hetiang progrmame hi hun remchang hamsa berah buatsaih leh tum a nih thu pawh sawi a ni bawk.

Paper hetah hian download theih a ni ta e
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