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Press Release on India’s Universal Periodic Review

After examining the response from the government of India in the Universal Periodic Review Second Review, 13 Session which was taking place on under the Working Group and 24 May 2012 the adoption of the Plenary on 24 September 2012, we call on the government of India to take effective measures for promoting and protecting the rights of the indigenous peoples.

We are very happy that it accepted cooperating with Special Procedures and accept in particular requests for visits from Special Rapporteurs and request to invites Special Rappourteur on Indigenous people as his request in (2008).

We are very sorry to hear that concerning to the ratification of ILO Conventions No 69 concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries (138.26) has been pending and there is no recommendation on the issues of refugee even India host more than tens of thousands of refugees.

Also very disheartening that pending recommendation regarding enactment of a law on the protection of human rights defenders, with emphasis on those defenders facing greater risks, including those working on minority rights and the rights of scheduled castes and tribes.

Form all above these cases, we strongly believe that the government of India is not committed for promotion and protection of the rights of the indigenous peoples, and call upon international community to put more pressure for the cause of the indigenous peoples.
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