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Kaladan Road construction project to start in Chin state

Work on a 92-mile stretch of roadway that will connect Matupi and Paletwa Township in Chin state will soon be started by the Union Border Ministry. The new highway will connect Razua and Lailenpi villages in Matupi with Sinletwa village in Paletwa.

“Once the road is complete, goods from Paletwa Town can be easily dispatched to Chin state capital Hakha within a day,” said a Hakha trader.

The road construction will be overseen by Pu Abi from Lailenpi village, according to Pu Van Cin, a representative of State Hluttaw.

Presently the road between Razua and Lailenpi can only be navigated during the summer season. The road between Lailenpi and Sinletwa has being maintained by locals based on their needs.

The new road works, which falls within the  Kaladan multi-modal transit transport project and being constructed by the Indian and Burmese government, will be invaluable for the transportation of goods to Chin state.

“The new government is focusing on the betterment of Chin state’s road network,” said a one Matupi elder.

~ Khonumthung News
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