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India to submit its climate action plan to UN today

October 1, 2015: India is all set to submit its ‘Intended Nationally Determined Contribution’ (INDC) to the United Nations today in Bonn. The post-2020 climate action plan specifies what the country will do in an attempt to fight the threat of climate change.

Although the informal deadline for submission of the climate plan was October 1 India sought permission to announce the plan on October 2 instead. As stated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the announcement of the climate action plan on Gandhi Jayanti adds a very meaningful and significant moral dimension to India’s commitment towards climate change.

All 196 members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) are likely to submit their INDC by October 1. This includes details regarding their plan of action in their individual capacity to check the rise of global warming in order to fight climate change as per a post-2020 agreement. A total of 125 countries have already submitted their action plan. This includes the world’s top three polluters China, US, and EU.

India’s INDC focuses on the reduction of carbon emission per unit of GDP by incorporating efficient use of energy. The plan also stresses on the need to push for renewable sources of energy. Afforestation, development of an efficient public transport system, and water management are other important features of the plan.

To sum it up, India’s climate action plan is based on five key elements. These are mitigation, adaptation, finance, technology transfer, and capacity building. All the INDCs submitted by various nations will form the basis of climate negotiations set to take place in Paris between November-December later this year.
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