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Mizoram Land Issues UN Meeting-ah sawi chhuak

Asia Regional Forum on Business and Human Rights vawikhatna Ni 19-20 chhunga Qatar Khawpui Doha-a neihah Zo Indigenous Forum Director chu speaker atan sawm a nih angin a tel ve a. Mizorama land issues hrang hrang te a sawi chhuak.

ZIF Director chuan " Indigeous Peoples in Asia in the Context of Business and Human Rights" session-ah thu sawiin  Kaladan Multi Modal Transport Project chungchang sawiin India in foreign a investment a neih len ber a ni a ti a. Mizoram chhunga ram neituten harsatna an tawh hrang hrang te a sawi lang a. Hei bakah hian India ram pawn lam Chin State leh Sittwe port siamna a harsatna awm hrang hrang te a sawichhhuak bawk.

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples anga Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) chungchanga hmalak that tawklohna te pawh a sawilang tel a. Tun thenga Mizoram chhunga ram neituten chhawmdawlna (compensation) a harsatna an neite pawh a tarlang tel bawk. Hei bakah hian Mizoram chhunga Oil Palm chin mek chungchang pawh a sawilang tel bawk a ni.

He hunah hian UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights member Pu Pavel Sulyandziga nen pawh inkawmna hun a nei bawk.

Business and Human Rights session hi Asia rama a Vawikhat awmna niin ram hrang hrang atangin sorkar aiawh, sumdawng pawl lian leh NGO te an tel a, Indigenous Peoples pawh mi 10 vel an tel ve a ni.

Session chungchang hrechiang duh tan http://www.ohchr.org/2016AsiaRegionalForum ah hian en theih a ni bawk e.
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