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Indigenous land rights activist jailed in Mizoram

Aizawl, 5th May 2018: Ten heads of family of Dampui village on the adjacent to Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary in Lunglei District of Mizoram were arrested by Mizoram Police on 24th April 2018 and send to judicial custody. Ten families, like they have doing for many years, cleared the forest for jhum cultivation this year. Sources said the forest which the villagers prepared for their jhums was not inside the sanctuary but falls under Dampa Village Council Jurisdiction.

According to the forest department press release, there are still 12 houses settling in Dampui S area, and were engage in illegal activities inside the sanctuary area including cutting trees, preparing for farm (jhum), taking thing insde the park and illegal settling, the Deputy Conservator of Forests (wildlife) Aizawl have submitted a complaint to Chief Judicial Magistrate Lunglei and based on that the Chief Judicial Magistrate Lunglei issue Warrant of arrest No. Crl.CompIt No. 3/18/CJM(L) /2018 /181 & 182 Dt 6.4.2018 and the Officer In charge of Police, Bunghmun Police Station arrested 10 person including two widows and send them to District Jail Sazaikawn, Lunglei. They were

i)             Mr. Lalliansiama
ii)            Mrs. Lalliankhumi
iii)           Mrs. Vanramliana
iv)           Mr. Saihnuna
v)            Lalromawia
vi)           Mr. Ramthangmawia
vii)          Mr.Ngursailova
viii)         Mrs Thanchungnungi
ix)           Mr. Zarzoliana
x)            Mr. Krosmuanpuia

According to The Zozam Times news report Dated 8th November 2012, the Environment and Forest Department, Government of Mizoram offered Rs 10 lakhs each to houses for relocation for the construction/extension of Thorangtlang wildlife sanctuary, but these peoples to receive money stating that “this is our our ancestral land, our only land and we cannot leave it”.

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