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Hmar Churches Coming Together as One

Tuithraphai, Apr 1 : After a century of being Christians. Hmar churches that have never been together have finally decided to come together in good spirit.

According to news sources, a negotiator not willing to be identified said ‘we’ve decided to put aside our differences, what good does the church division really do the Hmar people anyway?’

Sources also added that top leadership in the biggest two churches which are ICI and the EFCI might not have the vaguest details yet, as the details are still in wraps.

However, a close aide to the leadership mentioned that, this is a really interesting 2010 being the year of the Centenary Celebrations. It might not just give new hope to the church which has lost credibility in being a money making machine rather than looking for lost souls.

A member of the integration also said, no matter what happens ’someone’s going to have a heart attack and I don’t want to be that person.’

While the Hmar people wait in bated breath at these developments, more news and stories are expected.

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