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National panel suggests quota for dalits in government purchases

NEW DELHI: The National Commission for Scheduled Castes has made radical suggestions for welfare and uplift of dalits which includes preferential treatment for the community in purchases for government stores.

The commission, headed by Congress MP PL Punia, has sought reservation for dalits in all government contracts upto Rs one crore and the upper limit could be revised with time.

Some states have extended the provision of reservation in government contracts for SCs and STs in all boards, corporations and local bodies.

The panel demanded extension of loans waiver given to farmers to landless dalits. It argued that the Centre showed compassion towards farmers by waiving off loans and this should be extended to landless dalits which would help the poor community get rid of debt and find an access to credit for setting up small units.

The radical suggestions coincided with Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi saying dalits and “underdogs” needed escape velocity of Jupiter to succeed, underlining that dalits were forced to struggle much harder than others to progress.

The panel argued that special entrepreneurial courses for the community would help them run their own units, and asked Dalit Chamber of Commerce and Industry to help SC youth who are interested in setting up their own businesses.

The commission demanded that the Centre come out with a clear cut policy to provide highly subsidized loans with long gestation period without seeking collateral security.

While the panel also demanded that funds under SC plan and SC sub-plan should not be utilized for general purpose schemes such as roads, bridges, irrigation and power sector, it was argued that money under the plan must be spent exclusively on schemes meant for the community. “The fund under the plan could be used to buy land and distribute it among SCs,” an official said, adding that it could be used exclusively for housing, education, scholarships, sanitation, drinking water and health facilities targeted at dalits.

It also sought provision of punishment and fine if the fund meant for the community was diverted for general purpose, along with setting up of National Scheduled Caste Development Authority for effective utilization of funds meant for the weaker section.
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