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Oil exploration sites in Thenzawl and Maubuang visited

On 9th March 2014, a team of Zo Indigenous Forum visited the proposed oil exploration sites of Thenzawl of Serchhip District, the project sites is about 4 km away from Thenzawl Town, the company has done preliminary studies since 2006, they are hopeful, but they said that they cannot say that oil is present unless and until oil is drilled. The project will cost around 25-30 crores.

We also visited the project sites in near Maubuang village of Aizawl District, as per our preliminary survey, we have found that there was lack of consultation as well as transparency in the implementation of the project, the locals were not gives assurance in the employment also.

For both these projects, the effects of Air, Water and forest and the issues raised by the locals were not give importance and the question they raised during the public hearing was not satisfactorily answered and they were not properly informed about the negative impact of the projects.

We also found that the people’s needs to give awareness on the importance of land for their survival, they are not aware but also not informed about the possible negatives impact as well as there is no benefit from this project for the local indigenous peoples.

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