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Malaria is still a deathly disease in Mizoram

C. Lalremruata

According to the latest estimates released by World Health Organisation (WHO) in December 2014, there were about 198 million cases of malaria in 2013 (with an uncertainty range of 124 million to 283 million) and an estimated 584 000 deaths (with an uncertainty range of 367 000 to 755 000). Malaria mortality rates have fallen by 47% globally since 2000 and by 54% in the WHO African Region.

Even India has seen a "major" decline in the number of deaths caused by Malaria in the last three
years even as more than half a million people die globally of the deadly mosquito-borne disease the WHO report on April 2015

Malaria killed 584,000 people across the world in 2013 with children under five accounting for at least three-fourths of those deaths, it said. However, global incidence of malaria has plunged 30% and mortality rates have fallen 40% between 2000 and 2013.

An estimated 31 people, out of 23,105 people afflicted with the disease, died of Malaria in Mizoram during 2014.

Dr. C. Zarzoliana, Programme Officer of the State Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (VBDCP) said 3,30,882 people, consisting more than 30 per cent of the total population were diagnosed with malaria last year as Mizoram is a tropical and malaria-prone area.

Review meeting on TB was held at Directorate of Health Services on 13 August 2015, from January – June 2015 10 person has been died out of 1079 cases detected only and 83 has been found that having TB with HIV+ve.

According to the state health department, 119 people including 40 women died of malaria in Mizoram in 2009 and 91 people had died of malaria in Mizoram, the sources said.
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