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One Day Consultation Seminar On Development Of Zou Literature

Lamka, April 1, 2010: One day Consultation Seminar cum Interaction with Officials of CIIL, Mysore was hosted at ZPC Hall, Zomi Colony, Churachandpur by Zo Script Development Society, Manipur partly sponsored by ZOCULSIN, Delhi on 29th March 2010. The meeting was conducted by Mr. A. Nehkhojang, Secretary, ZLS Manipur. It began around 11.30 A.M with opening prayer by Rev. Kamkhosoi, followed by welcoming of the VIPs and self-introductions. The meeting was attended by more than 50 literature lovers from Churachandpur.

Besides, the two officials, they were accompanied by Prof. Thoudam, Prof. Imoba and others in this seminar.

The VIPs were welcomed by the Chairman, Zo Script Development Society, Manipur, Mr. Siehzathang with traditional Zo shawls presented to Dr. Shastri and Dr. Subbakrisna was presented a Zo shawl by Dr. Lachinkhai, Chairman, Zou Literature Society Manipur. Ex-minister T. Gouzadou also spoke about the need to develop the Zou script further.

Mr. Siehzathang stressed about the sacredness of his script and its importance among other points in his welocme address. Prof. Thoudam spoke about the need to preserve one’s own language and more and more person should come forward to study linguistics. He exhorted the gathering to take interest in their own language and not to depend on the Government to develop their language. He made suggestions that the Zous who are Government teachers should be roped in to teach the Zou language voluntarily.

Dr. R. Subbakrisna enlightened the gathering about his past experiences in linguistic experiments and he highlighted the past and present works of Mr. Philip Thanglienmang to develop the Zou language and his achievements so far. He said that inspite of his busy schedules in his office and others, he has found time to do some developmental works in Zo language, for which all must support him and get guidance from him since he has finished M.A(Linguistics) and he is pursuing Ph. D in Zou language. His efforts should be appreciated he said. He also mentioned that more and more youth should take up linguistic studies and he exhorted the gathering not to become too much emotional with language or script, instead they must try to adopt easier, scientific and technical methods to write their language, and advised them not to make difficult the learning of one’s own language.

He told the participants not to criticize each other in their efforts to develop the language, instead they must co-operate to develop their language, one should have appreciation for any person who tries to develop their language and support him.

Unless and until, the people themselves agree together and come on common points or agenda, the government is not going to listen to them in their quest to develop their language. You must come together he told them and present concrete proposals.

Dr. Shastri informed the participants that CIIL, Mysore is not a funding agency. However, it can sponsor workshops, seminars and trainings on linguistics for those who are interested.

Mr. A. Nehkhojang Secretary, ZLS Manipur requested the VIPs to grant training course on Phonology in Mysore, for which the VIPs readily promised to see that some youth get trained on Phonetics in May-June. There was interactive sessions with the participants for more than an hour.

Dr. M. Lachinkhai M.S, Chairman, ZLS Manipur delivered vote of thanks to the VIPs for taking pains to come to Churachandpur, Manipur to discuss about the growth and development of Zou language and literature. He also talked about his MBBS days in Karnataka.

The meeting ended with closing prayer from Rt. Rev. Bishop Mungnou of MELC, Manipur.

~ Zolengthe

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