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The exodus of the Mizo from Sakhan Hill, Tripura

C. Lalremruata

Sakhan hills, situated in the northern part of Tripura has been our home for generations, where the Mizos and the Brus live together in harmony. Sakhan Serhmun is a Village where orange grow in abundance, thus it got the name Serhmun. The orchards are our main source of income and livelihood. Some family even yield 20 lakhs in a year from their orchards the profit we get from our orchards have enabled us to live a stable life, enjoying the basic necessities of life.
Sakhan Hills

In 1997, when the Bru refugees from Mizoram left their homes, they came down to Sakhan hills and started harassing the Mizos living in Sakhan hills. They poured their vengeance upon the mizos thus bringing to an end the peaceful atmosphere that we have enjoyed in the the past. They surrounded our village and seized all our properties including our orchards by brutal force. No one dared to go out of their house or village during the time. So, we faced great difficulty in getting our daily needs. During the time, since Sakhan hills is a remote area, there was no communication and transportation like telephone or vehicles, so, the only way to call for help is to send torch light signal to Jampui hills where we could communicate with our fellow Mizos living there. The Brus kept threatening to kill anyone who dares to go out of the village and we knew that it would be dangerous to retaliate as their strength in number is too many compared to ours. They at last succeeded in driving us out of our village, which we call our home.

At this crucial moment of pain, suffering and loss, we could not have a clear head. But thinking about our situation, where we were imprisoned in our own homes, we came to the conclusion that it is better to surrender and leave the village. We made this decision with a heavy heart. Befor our reluctant departure; the Tripura government was also aware of our perilous situation and sent a batallion of CRPF to guard the village from being attached by the Brus.

When we left our village, we were about so families. The living condition of each family differ from one another, so the exact value of our properties could not be chalked out precisely. So we can only have a rough idea that each family have lost about fifty lakhs, this includes all their home, properties and orchards.

On 9th January 1998, we left our beloved homes reluctantly with a heavy heart. After leaving Sakhan hills, all the 80 families cannot live together in one village like the Bru refugees. So, we had to go our seperate ways, some to Mizoram and some to Jampui hills. Each family went to the place where they can find shelter provided by their relatives. Now, all hopes gone, and our minds full of frustration we had to make a new life and a new beginning with nothing in hand. Till date, we have not received any help or condolence from the government to whom we have put all our faith.

The problem that we have mentioned was put before the Union Home Minister and Mizoram Home Minister on 3rd May 2005, but with no effect till date. So, we earnestly request the concerned authority to see to our problems and take measures to solve our pathetic situation for which we will remain oblized.
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